Sodium Bicarbonate


    The Specification Prescribes the Requirements for Sodium Bicarbonate-Refined Grade.



Manufacturing of Detergent, Gold and Platinum Plating, Tanning Industry, Treating wool and silk, Fire Extinguishers, Aerated water and Baking Industry.


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SR.NO. Characteristics Specification Guaranteed U.O.M
1 Description White, Minutely Crystalline powder, free from dirt and other foreign matter
2 Total alkalinity (as NaHCO3 Min.) 99.00 % by mass
3 pH(1%Solution) Max 8.8 -
4 Chloride (as CI) Max 0.06 % by mass
5 Insoluble Matter Max 0.01 % by mass
6 Sulphate (as SO4) Max 0.07 % by mass
7 Iron (as Fe) max 0.0040 % by mass
8 Heavy Metal (as Pb) Max 5 ppm
9 Arsenic (as AS) Max 1.5 ppm
10 Copper (as Cu) Max 30 ppm

Note: These characteristics are applicable at the time of packing.

Characteristics from Sr. no.8 to 10 are analysed monthly from External laboratory.