Caustic Soda Flakes

State                                                   : Solid

Commercial/Trade Name             : Sodium Hydroxide

Chemical Formula                           : NaOH

Molecular Weight                           : 40.01

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SR No. Characteristics Unit Standard Value Test Method
1 Appearance -- White flakes QAD-QWI-08
2 Assay as NaOH % 97.5 Min. QAD-QWI-08
3 Assay as NaOH(Dry Basis) % 99.5 Min QAD-QWI-08
4 Sodium Chloride ppm 1000 Max. QAD-QWI-08
5 Iron as Fe+3 (100% Basis) ppm 20.0 Max. QAD-QWI-08
6 Sodium Carbonate % 0.40 Max. QAD-QWI-08

Handling Of Safety, Health & Environment Hazards:

  • Wear, Rubber gloves, side cover safety goggles, Face mask, Apron, Safety Shoes, etc.
  • Keep container tightly closed. Use exhaust ventilation while transferring the material.
  • In case of spillage clean the area with plenty of water.
  • In case of any exposure to skin or eyes, wash the affected area immediately with plenty of water till irritation stops & remove the contaminated clothes. Contact doctor immediately.
  • Refer MSDS of Caustic Soda Flakes for more details.